Alphaform AG

Alphaform AG is a market leader in the rapid prototyping and rapid tooling service business in Europe. FRANZ AG sold its shares in Q3/2005 to an institutional investment fund. Rudolf Franz supported the investment from the start up in 12/1995 and managed the IPO from investors side in Q2/2000. Rudolf Franz was Chairman of the supervisory board until 07/2005.

Former equity quote: < 5,0%

Revenue: > 25 mill. €


Erwin Behr Automotive GmbH

Erwin Behr Automotive GmbH was a global player in the automotive supply industry, producing interior components for all major car manufacturers. The company had manufacturing facilities in the US and in Europe and employed almost 1.000 workers. During its investment phase FRANZ AG was mainly focused on securing financing in the US and Europe. In spring 2005 FRANZ AG sold its shares to an institutional investor.

Former equity quote: 20,0%

Revenue: > 100 mill. €


Göppel Bus GmbH

Göppel Bus GmbH specializes in the development of small-serial-products of commercial passenger carriage vehicles. FRANZ AG supported the reorganisation of the business during its investment phase of three years and sold its shares in Q1/2006 within an MBO to the management of Göppel Bus GmbH.

Former equity quote: 60,0%

Revenue: > 20 mill. €


Hama Holding GmbH  

FRANZ AG invested Q1/2006 in HAMA Trucks and supported the growth process to a pan European rental and used trucks & trailer business. The worldwide recession in 2008/2009 forced the company to restructure its business model significantly and to close several branches in Europe. During its best time the company had a rental portfolio of more than 3,500 trucks & trailers and was one of Europe's largest rental business for trucks & trailers.

Former equity quote: 10,0%

Revenues: > 100 mill. €


Technologieholding VC GmbH

In February 2000 Rudolf Franz sold his shares together with three partners to 3i Group plc. Technologieholding VC GmbH was one of the leading venture capital enterprises in Europe with more than 156 investments in small and medium sized businesses. Thirteen of those investments were quoted on international stock markets. Total capital under management at that time were more than 500 mill. €.

Former equity quote: 5,0 %


WaveLight AG

WaveLight AG offered a huge range of process oriented solution for the refractive surgery. The portfolio offers custom solutions from diagnostic to care-giving services and support, Alcon Inc. had taken over WaveLight AG in 2009. Rudolf Franz supported the business from the start up in 05/1996 and managed the IPO from the investors side in Q4/1999. Rudolf Franz was Chairman of the supervisory board until 12/2009 when the company was finally taken over from Alcon Inc. and taken private again.

Former equity quote: < 5,0%

Revenue: > 90 mill. €

voxeljet AG

voxeljet AG is a leading provider of high-speed, large-format 3D printers and on-demand custom parts services to industrial and commercial customers. Their 3D printers employ a powder binding, additive manufacturing technology to produce parts using various material sets, which consist of particulate materials and proprietary chemical binding agents.

Since October 18, 2013 voxeljet AG is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "VJET".

FRANZ AG was the lead investor in the first institutional investment round in 2003. The investment focus at that time was to built up global sales, finance and controlling structures. Over the investment phase voxeljet grew from a small engineering business with 10 employees to a global acting business with more than 350 employees in 2019.

Equity quote Pre-IPO: 16,8%